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Care you can count on.

Cocoon Child Care is Licensed Multi-Age Group program in the basement of my home. I provide care for a maximum of 8 children ranging in ages from 1 to 5yrs old.


Families are the most important influence in a child’s life. I have an open door policy, parents and guardians are always welcome. (Please make arrangements a head of time if you need to come between 12pm-2:30pm as this is quiet/rest time).  I believe children will get the best of home and daycare with open communication and involvement from families. Input and ideas are always welcome. We are a team!


Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday 7:00am- 5:00pm all year round, closing for one week in the summer and one week at Christmas.


Statutory Holidays

The program will be closed for all statutory holidays. These include:

New Year’s Day       

Family Day

Good Friday as well as Easter Monday

Victoria Day             

Canada Day

BC Day

Labour Day

Thanksgiving Day

Remembrance Day

If a statutory holiday lands on the weekend the program will be closed the following business day.



I will be closed for one week during the summer.

July 5th through July 9th for 2021

For 2021 I will be closed December 24th and return January 4th, 2022

Payment for every month remains the same as the closures have been taken into account when setting the monthly rates.

Cocoon Childcare is a learn trough play program.

Indoor play will include but won’t be limited to House Keeping, block area, book area, open art, and sensory play.

In house keeping there will be dolls, food, and dress-up. The area will be changed up from time to time. For example, a grocery store, flower shop, or a wrapping station. In house keeping the children are learning to play with others, listen to others, and to share ideas. They are also practicing language and acting out realistic situations.

The block area will include blocks, cars, a farm, and will be changed regularly. The children will be practicing their fine motor skills and working with others, sharing. They will be using their imaginations and learning shapes, sizes, colors and testing their ideas.

Puzzles will always be available for the children. Puzzles are a wonderful pre-reading and writing skill. Learning order and sequencing. The children will enhance their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

In the book area children can enjoy some quiet time and use their imaginations. They will be learning to take care of books and working on their language skills. Children will learn sequencing and create their own stories using their imaginations.

Art supplies such as crayons, felt markers, paper, scissors, and glue will be available for the children all the time. The children will be using their creativity and practicing communication and sharing with others. In the art area children will be practicing their fine motor skills and improving their hand-eye coordination.

Structured art activities will provide the same opportunities as the above, open art, as well as teaching the children to follow directions.

Sensory play will include materials such as playdough, water, sand and many others. The children will be enjoying a sensory experience while measuring, experimenting, observing and practicing their fine motor skills.

Group Time is one of my favorite times of the day. We will be doing  songs, games and stories. The children will work on their social skills, turn taking and working together. 

Meal Times are a very important social time for working on communication and language skills.  This is a good time for the children to learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits. Children will work on their fine motor skills as well as self help skills.

Rest Time is an opportunity for all the children to rest or sleep. This is an important time for all ages. Their day is very busy and emotionally and physically draining. The children will be recharged and refreshed for the rest of their day.

Outdoor Play will include climbers, slides, balls, ride on toys, etc. Children will work on their gross motor skills. As well as playing with others, working together, taking turns, being aware of what is going on around them. Group activities or games will encourage cooperation, communitcation and following directions.

Field Trips

Scheduled field trips will be posted with a permission form. We may spontaneously walk to a local park or walk in the neighbourhood.

Field trips will sometimes require your child to be a daycare earlier that usual. It is your responsibility to stay informed of any early departures. If we have already left you may meet up with us at the field trip location.


Cocoon Child Care

Daily Schedule




7:00am – 9:00am free play, art & group time


9:00am wash hands & snack


9:30am washroom & go outside


11:00am come inside to wash hands for lunch


11:30pm washroom, quiet book time, story time


12:00pm  rest time


1:00pm quiet  play for children not sleeping


2:45pm wash hands & snack


3:30pm washroom & outside


4:30pm depending on weather and season come inside


5:00pm program closed

628 Sun Valley Dr, Kamloops, BC, V2B 6S4 Canada

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